In 2007 Mark Nicholson, originally from England, arrived in Bulawayo to to volunteer on a project established by the local church which involved working with destitute people. This is where he met Dorcas who was heading up the project at the time. They subsequently married in 2009 and set up home together with a view to remaining permanently in Zimbabwe.

From the outset Mark and Dorcas were deeply moved by the plight of children who had been orphaned, rejected or abandoned by their biological families. They currently have 11 children in their care whose ages range from 4 to nearly 16. Some have been abused and some have serious health issues such as HIV or cerebral palsy. Mark and Dorcas are committed to supporting these children physically and emotionally; being fully involved in their lives by encouraging them to discuss, interact, think and process life together; setting an example and teaching and training the children in the ways of the Lord. They apply consistent, loving discipline so the children understand the reason for boundaries. They nurture the children by providing an environment of constant verbal support, freedom to fail, acceptance, affection, and unconditional love.

Seeway Trust has recently been involved in sending funds to enable Mark & Dorcas sink their own borehole which has resulted in them now having access to 7,500 litres of fresh, clean water each day for the first time.

Mark & Dorcas are very involved in pastoral ministry and their preaching calendar fills up quickly. They speak at a soup kitchen twice a week and are part of the youth leadership team at Bulawayo Baptist church youth.

We have two short Youtube videos that you can watch below. The first one, called "Freedom" will make you smile; the second, called "Mark, Dorcas and Tribe Family Video" will move you.

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Mark & the tribe

New vehicle

From the top: Waiting for lunch; The family; Excited children with their new car


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