bringing hope to a new generation

Seeway Trust works closely with Rebecca and Wendy who are based in Arusha, Northern Tanzania. A non government organization has been sent up: Seeway Tanzania who have their own dedicated website. This work started as a result of the dire poverty and desperation of children living on the streets in Arusha.

Seeway Tanzania have 25 children living in their care plus a day-care centre. They have purchased their own house and land, securing their long term plans for the future. They have built a nursery school which is providing essential care and education to children who have single mothers who are then able to work to support themselves and their children. A new project is "microfinance". This involves helping families become sustainable by teaching and assisting them to start small business.

Seeway Tanzania has many volunteers who come and give of their time and skills freely.

The children live as part of the local community rather than being separated and institutionalised. Their home is safe, and comfortably furnished, providing an environment of peace where hurts can be healed, and hope for a future can be nurtured. The children arrive emotionally; spiritually; and, sometimes, physically bruised. But with love changes are seen quickly.

Every child within the care of Seeway Tanzania has access to education and health care. To supplement their education, and to provide a creative outlet, there are musical instruments in the houses (keyboard, guitar, drums...) and music lessons organised which the children love!

Have a look at our latest YouTube video which was filmed and edited by one of our volunteers. The children developed the idea, played the instruments, sang, and danced, and generally had a lot of fun making this! Enjoy!

To see pictures and further information on the remarkable work that is being carried out in Tanzania, please go to

£20 a month goes towards the sponsorship/education costs for a child, or you can regularly donate as a partner in this work - click here for further information.

The family - Abt 2011

Nursery Outing - 2012

Egg & Spoon Race - 2012

From the top: Some of the family!!; Seeway Tz Nursery School Outing to the local Snake Park!; Saturday Fun & Games - organised by one of the many volunteers who come to visit.


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