a decade of involvement

Countryside Children's Home Bawiiase, Central region
Seeway Trust has, through sponsorship and gifts supported this Home since 2000. There are now well over 100 children living at there and it is lovely to see some of them whom we first met, now in higher education and able to live independently in a way that would never have been possible had they not been cared for in the Home. Shortly after Seeway Trust started to support the Home, and through the kindness of supporters, a school was built. This school has now been educating children from the Home and nearby village since that time. Upon its completion the Trust gave the school to the Home and it was then supported by another organisation to continue the education of the children

Primary school in Osenase
Seeway Trust began working with a local Ghanaian organisation to support abandoned and orphaned children of Osenase in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Two homes were built from funds sent from the Trust, one for boys and the other for girls. After several years land was provided by the Chief of the village and with very generous gifts to Seeway Trust a six classroom school was built. The school was able to cater for 180 children, who were also given a daily meal in order to help concentration by reducing fatigue. These young people were also given a better chance in life. Osenase School is now being overseen and funded by another organisation.

Seeway Academy Dowda
In 2011 whilst on a visit to a remote village in the Central region a Trustee of Seeway was informed that all of the local children had to walk for two hours each way to go to school and return home. Most of these children were no more than 7 years old, and of course would not be able to walk that far and have the stamina to learn as well. Seeway Trust committed to building a school in the village of Dowda.

The initial funding to provide the foundations of the school came from a group of primary school children in Chagford, Devon who undertook to each produce a painting which was then displayed and sold in a local art Gallery and raised nearly £300.The school opened its doors to the first children in September 2014 and the official opening took place in August 2015.

Seeway Mission House Namora
The Rural Outreach Foundation (ROF), a local Christian organization which had been working in the countryside villages for over a decade had the vision to build a Mission House in the village of Namora, also in the Central region as a base, accommodation for visitors and a conference centre for the work in the area.

Seeway Trust caught the vision and supported ROF financially to see the building completed. This building is now vital for the work of education in this area and has become a building block to enable continued growth.

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The home at Bawilase

Osenase school building

Academy building at Dowda

From the top: The Countryside Children's Home in Bawiliase, The school building in Osenase, The new Seeway Academy at Dowda


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